Our Company

We were born in the insurance intermediation market as “Monroy García Consultores Asociados Ltda.” in the year 2.005. Since 1996 its manager and founder, José Gabriel Monroy García, had a clear vocation for service in the exciting and competitive world of insurance.

José Gabriel Monroy García did the complete veteran apprenticeship course in the main Colombian insurers, until he learned all the small details that make up the complex network of the insurance business.

In addition, he developed a special sense of smell to detect and interpret the risks, structure the best form of protection and be consistent with the determination to accompany his clients in all circumstances of their personal and business life that require guaranteed support.

With the expertise and high-level relationships with all the insurance companies in the country, in addition to his privileged sensitivity in finding the best coverage conditions for his clients, José Gabriel Monroy García started to create his own insurance placement company with a growth sustained throughout these years.

“We remain faithful to our vocation of service, with the tireless style to meet all your needs for coverage and protection against day-to-day risks.”

José Gabriel Monroy


In MGCA – Insurance specialists we have managed to develop a special sense towards the placement of insurance, based on the closeness and constant knowledge of the needs and expectations of our customers and the constant updating of products, thanks to a close teamwork relationship with all the insurance companies that operate in Colombia.

Our service is guaranteed

Depending on the type of product and the branch, we can guarantee that you will have:

Accurate advice and timely recommendations.

We guide you to make your best insurance decision with one or more of the insurers, depending on the best options to negotiate.

Training, monitoring and control during the term of the policy.

We are your representatives against all contingencies, unforeseen events, risks and claims that arise in the coverage of your assets.

Support and effective management at all times:

from taking the insurance with the best conditions for your reality and needs, to the committed and friendly service in the difficult moments in which the risk is realized.

Experience, vocation and corporate culture.

We can cover you and we know how to do it. We have a high technical and execution capacity that has strengthened solid and stable relationships with insurers, and durable and satisfactory with our clients.

We generate in our clients a culture of foresight, anticipating risks, and protecting against accidents.

All the energy of our team of specialists is focused on ensuring what you most love and value.

Carrera 45 A No. 127 – 57 – Bogotá, Colombia
PBX: 259 2439
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