Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is designed to face liquidity risks in your company for the un-payment of your customers:

  • It allows to secure the portfolio of internal sales and exports.
  • It is a strategic growth tool to generate more sales safely.
  • It adapts to the structure, reality and commercial and financial situation of your company. Each policy is designed based on the particular needs and conditions of the insured, giving the product flexible management.
  • Estimate the approval of quotas for each of the clients covered, according to their average turnover and sales.
  • It supports information through databases of millions of companies around the world, on-site contacts, law offices and collection agencies in the main countries and regions.
  • Constant monitoring with updates and periodic rating of the financial, commercial and reputational status of its customers.
  • Training of the team responsible for your company in the forecast of risk and protocols (quota management, deadlines and alert reports).
  • Agile and timely response capacity with personalized attention.
  • Annual renewal, simple procedures and not at all cumbersome.

When your clients cannot pay you for insolvency, prolonged default or political risk, credit insurance is the best tool to keep your operation up and running.

Credit insurance ensures the operation and the life of your company.


When may your company need credit insurance?



Creditors Agreement – Law 1116 (formerly Law 550) Forced Liquidation


Long Default



When the insured and the insurance company, by mutual agreement, consider that the credit is uncollectible.

In which cases does credit insurance apply?

For credit sales in Colombia and abroad.

Minimum of global sales of $ 2,000,000,000 (Two billion pesos per year).

For companies that have a Credit and Receivables Department.


Financial reasons

  • Constant cash flow.
  • Access to liquidity with lower rate and without resource.
  • Supplier guarantee.
  • It is not necessary to have portfolio provisions. Higher working capital available.
  • Fixed times of recovery of the money, for the financial health of your company and therefore, of its stability and permanence in the market.

Legal reasons

  • Unification of criteria in pre-legal and legal recoveries.
  • Support in receivables work, with the cheapest lawyer and without damaging your business relationship with the client.
  • Coercive collection only on behalf of the insurer, not your company.
  • Payment of insured amounts and rescue and recovery management of the uninsured portion.

Our attention is personalized and able to respond quickly and timely.

We offer the support of professionals who continuously monitor the online claim process between client and insurer.

We simplify the annual renewal of the policy with simple procedures.


We cover you with the support of the three companies that offer credit insurance in Colombia and have a solid support of operations worldwide.

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