For Monroy García Consultores Asociados, it is a premise to support our clients to be successful in the activity in which they specialize,

It is for this reason, that, through the different insurance policies, we advise the correct transfer of the risks that your activity has in all aspects and Safety and health at work, can not be left aside.

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in the sector, we have the necessary infrastructure, to become your ally in occupational risks, we are able to support the different prevention and promotion activities, aimed at managing the risk expressed in your company, we have management-level relationships with the most important ARLs, so in us you will find very important support for the ARL, seeking the improvement in the quality and quantity of activities that you receive today from the ARL.

It is important to highlight that intermediation services do not generate additional costs for companies, nor can Arl reduce hours of care in prevention and promotion, according to Article of decree 1072, the provisions of the second paragraph of paragraph 5 of article 11 of Law 1562 of 2012 must be taken into account, according to which the Labor Risk Management Entities, for the payment of intermediation work, may only use own resources; These resources are those that make up your equity or constitute income, without being able to use the contributions paid, the technical reserves, the mathematical reserves constituted for the payment of pensions of the system, or your financial returns.

Some of the aspects in which we support its management are:

Accompaniment and identification of needs Technical analysis of SST:

Current situation of the company,

Evaluation and diagnosis.

Follow-up on the work plan established with your ARL.

Once we identify the specific needs of the company, from intermediation, we can also support with some activities aimed at minimizing occupational risk.

Health week support with welfare, human management and risk management activities.

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